The Mack C-model in New York City

Following World War II, cab-forward fire apparatus were introduced, a major milestone in fire apparatus evolution. American LaFrance was first in 1945. Crown followed in 1951. Struggling Ahrens-Fox, in conjunction with the C.D. Beck Company, a manufacturer of buses, designed and introduced their cab-forward design, Models ECB and FCB, in 1956. That same year, Mack Trucks purchased the C.D. Beck Company for the purpose of building inter-city buses. Mack also purchased the rights to the Ahrens-Fox cab-forward design at that time, and in 1957 introduced the Mack C-model fire apparatus chassis using the Ahrens-Fox/C.D. Beck design. The C-model was an instant success taking a large market share of apparatus production.

Photographing Fire Apparatus

By Dennis Maag

Welcome to what we envision to be an ongoing feature with some pointers on how to photograph apparatus in a style that is similar to what you see on the pages of Fire Apparatus Journal.

In the first column, we will basically review the submission guidelines that have been used since the magazine first was published in 1984. It covers a broad range of items which are discussed in general terms. Future columns will include detailed descriptions of specific aspects of apparatus photography that can assist you in replicating the images that you’ve seen in Fire Apparatus Journal. We’ll also cover items such as camera settings, information gathering and tricks of the trade that can make a good photo a great shot! And finally, we hope to also offer a forum where you will be able to submit photos to Fire Apparatus Journal photographers for comments about improving the image and the techniques you are employing when photographing apparatus.