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Arizona by David Greenberg and Garry Kadzielawski

[G2:269] Photo by David Greenberg [G2:272] Photo by David Greenberg
[G2:302] Photo by Garry Kadzielawski [G2:304] Photo by Garry Kadzielawski

The Arizona update column is written by David Greenberg and Garry Kadzielawski. Providing apparatus news, new deliveries and apparatus refurbs from the 15 counties that make up the State of Arizona. This column focuses on the metro Phoenix area, but will also include various fire department information concerning new stations, reassignments and operational changes from around the state.

David Greenberg

F.A.J. Contributing Editor

Residing in Phoenix since 1985, David has been documenting the apparatus history of many of the larger fire departments around Arizona since 1989, with particular interest in the Phoenix, Scottsdale and Rural-Metro fire departments. David also keeps tabs on his hometown department in Decatur, Ill. Besides his interest in the many aspects of the fire service, he also enjoys his other life long hobby of model trains and photographing prototype around the country.

Dave Greenberg can be contacted at

Garry Kadzielawski

F.A.J. Contributing Editor

Garry Kadzielawski has been involved in the fire service for over 25 years and is now retired from the Skokie, Illinois Fire Department. He also served on the Calumet City, Illinois, Civil-Defense, Fire and Rescue Squad and as a volunteer firefighter for the Village of Chicago Ridge, Illinois. During his career he was involved in apparatus specifications and was a certified emergency vehicle driving instructor. Garry has been photographing fire apparatus for almost 30 years with many of his photos having appeared in numerous fire apparatus books and publications, as well as several other automotive books. Recently relocating to Arizona, Garry now co-authors the Arizona update column with David Greenberg.